Let me think!

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( The following is my modest attempt to translate some of Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s epic writing and poetry)

You say that our philosophy is flawed in that ill-meaning people can twist it to suit their agenda, thus leading to turmoil. You are quite right. If such people were capable of reasoning, they would not behave unreasonably in the first place. In that case, there would also be no point in trying to make them understand and see things either. But the fact is that they lack reason. Does this mean that we should give up on them? Does this mean that if in their blindness they chose to step into fire, we should let them? Though I agree with you that most sane men, for their peace of mind and comfort, would say yes to these questions. This is what most intelligent people do. But there is a minuscule percentage of people who feel obliged to interfere–for the benefit of other humans. Usually, this attitude gains nothing–which begs the question; why do they go out of their way then to help people who don’t want to be helped? Well, I can only speak for myself. I believe that there are very few people who are born evil. (Remember, we are talking about individuals, not political parties!). Good and evil exist in different proportions in all of us humans. The composition of these elements undergoes several changes during one’s formative years. Eventually, when maturity dawns, a nearly stable composition is achieved which is rather difficult to alter. Yet, I believe one can cause *some* alteration in this ratio, even if it’s temporary. I believe this can only be achieved through love and friendship–not by force and compulsion. But again, does taking these pains guarantee any gains? Usually not, but sometimes yes…sometimes!

There is a point to ponder,
Let me think for a while!
In this garden (which is worse than a desert now)
Which branch was the first to beget flowers?
And which one lost its color even before woe struck?
And when did the blood draught hit this place last,
causing the flowers to lose their color?

There is a point to ponder,
Let me think for a while
In this city full of life (which is worse than wilderness now)
When did the fire break first?
Through which of its now closed windows
did the sun rays shimmer?
And where did the candles lit up?

There is a point to ponder,
You ask me about a land
of which I remember neither history nor geography,
And what’s left to remember,
I try to avoid, like forsaken love.
If by any chance I do indulge in its memories,
It’s nothing more than a mindless love affair.

I have reached a state of mind where
I treat my own heart with such aloofness;
My heart and I, but rarely, run into each other.
And yet you ask me about my heart!
There is a point to ponder,
Let me think for a while!

(Faiz Ahmed Faiz)


4 Comments to “Let me think!”

  • Beautiful poetry…Thanks Sheharbano for translating it and giving us a chance to read something so delightful to the mind Smile

    • Lolz….that’s so ‘made up’ Smile

  • If you hear that a thousand people read your blog
    remember… Sheharbano is among them

    If you hear that a hundred people read your blog
    remember… Sheharbano is either in the first
    or very last row

    If you hear that seven people read your blog
    remember… Sheharbano is among them,
    like a Wednesday in the middle of the week

    If you hear that two people read your blog
    remember… one of them is Sheharbano

    If you hear that only one person reads your blog
    remember… that is Sheharbano

    And when you see no one else around you,
    and you find out
    that no one reads your blog anymore,
    then you will know for certain
    that….your blog has been hacked and no longer available!

  • Hahahahaha what heart-touching poetry … Luvd it Razz … Gul Bano is also among them , dont u worry lolzzz…
    And it was not made up @ my previous comment, i meant it Big Smile)

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