The Cocaine Effect

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It’s a sensational title, I know, but this post does not talk about anything illegal Smile. In fact, it is in the same vein as one of my previous posts, except that that was related to poetry and this one is on the musical side. The idea is that creative inspiration transcends all borders; geographical and temporal.

The main guitar riff in Eric Clapton’s ‘cocaine’ (which I have named ‘the cocaine riff’) always gave me deja vu. One fine day, I found the missing pieces of the puzzle; two Pakistani songs from the 90s clearly borrow something from the cocaine riff. Comments on YouTube pages, Wikipedia and my Pakistani connection led me to make the following video. Please note that I do not own any of these videos. I just extracted and merged portions of interest from YouTube videos and narrated my story through the black&white images in the video. Enjoy Smile


2 Comments to “The Cocaine Effect”

  • Nice assortment , luv the 90s pakistani pop music, even though i was a school going kid back then Razz.

    • Yeah, and I was an aunty at that time, no? Smile

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